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Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils, Shoes, and More: How to Select the Best Accessories for Your Big Day

Looking beautiful on your big day is what every woman wants. This magical day will be captured in photos and videos for you to look at decades into the future . Plus, they'll be shared all over social media, kept forever in prints and photo albums, and someday your children and grandchildren will stare at them and dream of their own magical days.

Of course, there's more to looking great on your big day than just the dress you wear! There's also your hair and makeup and all the accessories that will pull your look together! From veils, to shoes, to jewelry and more, here's our advice for how to accessorize depending on the wedding venue you've chosen.

A Traditional Church

If you're a more classic bride, you've likely chosen a beautiful church that means a lot to you for the place you'll say "I do". When you choose such an important venue as this, you'll want to make sure you look as elegant as it does. This is the ideal venue for long wedding veils and trains. You'll look so royal walking down the aisle! You can also jazz it up a little with sparkly jewelry like earrings, a cherished necklace, or a stunning pearl or diamond bracelet. And of course, heels! Your preferred height is up to you but remember to bring them to your dress fitting so the hem falls just right!

A Backyard or Other Outdoor Location

A lot of couples want to save money by having their wedding in the backyard. Others just love the beauty of being out in nature when you pledge your life to one another. Regardless of your reason, you'll want to know what kind of ground you're working with. If it's soft grass, high heels might not work well. Opt for more sturdy wedges or low-heeled shoes. However, if there is a paved aisle or a mat that you'll be walking down, go for whatever footwear you like! Bridal stores in Fort Worth will offer some great options so talk to your bridal consultant about the specifics of your venue so you can be well prepared!

A Country Barn

The rustic look is very in style and many couples are looking for a relaxed wedding in a country barn. You may wish to hike up your dress and show off some cowboy boots in this kind of venue! The initial reaction might be to tone down your look and avoid sparkles and lace, but those elements can actually be a great contrast to the wood walls and high rafters. Feel free to embrace the ambiance and carry a large bouquet of flowers since there will likely be some times outdoors before and after the ceremony. Just don't forget some fans for yourself and the guests as these places tend to get pretty warm without air conditioning!

A Sandy Beach

Beach wedding dresses are extremely popular, especially here in Texas where the coastline is not that far away! Many people choose this option because they love to be near the ocean. After all, human beings love water! Plus, it makes getting to the honeymoon that much easier! If you're saying your vows with your toes in the sand, you may opt to forego a veil or to have a short, simple one instead. That way, it won't be blowing all over the place in the wind! Beach brides also tend to wear minimal jewelry and very frequently have no shoes at all or simple sandals instead of heels.

Bridal Shops DFW Couples Love

Here at Sundays Bridal, we have a wide selection of luxury yet affordable wedding gowns. We also share our inventory on our website which makes us one of the best online bridal stores for those who are out of the area! Please give us a call at 214-881-1242 to learn more or ask us any questions. If you'd like to stop in and see us, please book your appointment online. We would love to help you find the best dress and accessories for your special day!

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