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  • Be open minded while shopping.
    The gown that almost every girl asks for when they walk into our shop, has also been one of the gowns that has not left with the bride! Try on different styles, shapes, textures and find out what works for your body type, personality and wedding.
  • Be prepared (and on time)
    Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to check in. Be sure to wear minimal makeup and appropriate under garments. You will be spending a lot of time with a stranger who will be helping you in and out of gowns. Be honest with your consultant - if you hate a gown ... move on. Your feedback helps your consultant find what will work for you!
  • Keep your entourage to a minimum
    This is for the bride's sanity more than anything else! Any more than 3-4 additional cheerleaders can become extremely overwhelming for a bride. Too many times we've seen brides melt under the pressure of everyone else's opinion. There's nothing worse than seeing a beaming face turn to tears because of a crowd who couldn't agree on what the bride should wear.
  • Can I have makeup on?
    Very little please! If your makeup stains the dresses you will be responsible for cleaning cost which runs about $50-80. These are the actual dresses what brides will take home and we have no extra budget to get them cleaned.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Please wear underwear! I know you might think this would be an obvious request, but you would be surprised. I will not let you try on gowns without underwear. You do not need a strapless bra when trying dresses on but if you have one by all means bring it. You can wear your regular bra, since you haven't chosen a dress yet, and it's difficult to know what kind of undergarments to buy. Spanx is your friend, and if you have it wear it, don’t be ashamed about it. You need to try on your dress exactly the way you will wear it on your special day.
  • We ask all of our brides and guests to remove their shoes
    This is merely to protect the dresses. No one wants a dress with heal marks all over it. We have socks available for you if you don’t have any. (Honestly, it makes the shopping experience more relaxing anyway!)
  • How long are your appointments?
    We offer 90 minutes for each appointment. Some take longer and some are over quicker. We book the time just for YOU! Please make every effort to show up.
  • Do I need an appointment for accessories shopping?
    You can always drop by to take a look. If you are just looking for a veil, petticoat or other accessories you can drop in at any time, If you wish to try on your dress, please contact us for an available time. Accessories appointments are 30 min.
  • What are the terms and conditions of your shop?
    We take all credit or debit cards and cash. No Checks. All in store sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges. Deposits are not refundable. Alterations are not included in the price of a dress.
  • All items are sold as is
    We are not responsible for pins left in dress by manufacturer or discoloring of fabric, sequences, beads over time. We are not responsible for size fit based on weight gain or loss. We are not responsible for, or make any promises for any other business including but not limited to alteration referrals. You agree to these terms and conditions any time you make a purchase from Sundays Bridal whether online or in the store.
  • Can you take pictures in the store?
    You can take all the pictures you want in the store. We offer a very relaxed environment and try our best to have you enjoy your time with us.
  • Do you allow children in your store?
    Of course. Just no large strollers please. We ask that your children be supervised at all times.
  • Do you offer layaway?
    Yes we do. Contact the store directly for details.
  • Do you own all the trademarks and logos used in your store?
    The companies, product and service names, all trademarks, service marks, trade names, images, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners, and solely used for identification purposes only. Sundays Bridal is not affiliated or endorsed by any of these companies.
  • Do you offer alterations?
    Sundays Bridal does not do in house alterations. We can however recommend some local ones in the DFW area. It is very important to choose one that explains what they are going to do, how, and lastly the cost. If you have any doubts or have questions, please contact the store. Before they start to work on your dress!
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