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Wedding Dress Shopping

Our Top 5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping

Yay! You're engaged! You've got the person of your dreams, the greatest venue, and the date is on the calendar. Now it's time to find your perfect outfit! Wedding dress shopping is extremely fun, but can easily become a stressful experience. To help you prepare, we've gathered together some of our best tips for making sure nobody gets let down on shopping day!

Know Your End Goal

Whether this is your first shopping trip, or your fifth, it's good to set expectations before you walk through the door. Are you just browsing to get a feel for what's out there? Figuring out what your style is or what the prices are like? Or is your credit card already halfway out of your wallet because you're ready to buy? Whatever your goal for the day is, make sure everyone in your group is aware.

Choose Your Entourage Carefully

With that being said, you might want to be careful who you bring with you on the day. If you have a large wedding party, it might not be feasible to bring the whole gang. Also keep in mind your group's personal sense of style. Although it's nice to have differing opinions, it might hurt your feelings to have someone in the group absolutely hate the dress you completely adore just because it's not her style. You'll also want to bring people who will be honest if something looks good on you or not, without being rude.

Stay Satisfied and Hydrated

Depending on the time of your appointment, you may want to have a small lunch or snack beforehand. Of course, you don't want to have too much to eat and be bloated during the appointment! That could make the dresses look very different, and you might be uncomfortable trying them on. It's also a good idea to bring along some water to sip on. Your attention may dwindle if these needs aren't met.

Know Your Personal Style

There are the basic style choices that you probably already know about yourself. Do you love bling or stay away from the sparkle? Are you more of a pants person or does twirling in a dress make your soul come alive? But there are other styles you might not have considered. For example, what about sleeves? There can be none, small cap sleeves, elbow length, or full length. Are you more classic and traditional and prefer simple wedding dresses? Or do you like to wear the latest trends from the runway or Instagram? Know what you like, what you don't, and if there are any must-haves or absolutely-nos.

Know Your Budget

We've all seen the TV shows where the bride falls in love with a dress and only then looks at the price tag to find out it's way above her budget. Know what you're willing to spend and what your absolute maximum amount is. Also figure in the price of tailoring, and any accessories you'd like to wear. Tell this to the bridal consultant right away and you won't have any trouble finding the perfect dress.

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