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The Latest Wedding Dress Trends in 2020

There's no doubt that 2020 weddings look a little different. Bejeweled face masks, anyone? But one thing that hasn't changed is the amazing fashion choices of this year's brides! We love looking towards the latest trends in wedding dresses to see what we should be stocking in our store. We pay close attention to the runways, Instagram, and our in-store bridal consultations so we can stay ahead of the times and always have exactly what Richland Hills brides are looking for. Here's a selection of some wedding dress styles we've seen become more popular recently.

Ball Gowns

There seems to be a bell curve for fashion trends. Something is in for a while, then it's out, then it comes back in again. This is the case for big, beautiful, ball gown wedding dresses. You may think these were only in style when your grandmother was getting married, and that the '90s slim lines completely wiped them out. But as the Disney generation grows up, a return to fairy tale weddings is quite popular. These dresses definitely make a statement, and that statement is "look at me!"


Piggybacking off the ball gown trend, is eye-catching ruffles. Whether they're in your sleeves or on your skirt, you can't help but notice them. They add dimension to your wedding dress, bringing visual appeal for those who want to be noticed but might not be into all that bling. They're the perfect way to bring whimsy and romance into your bridal apparel.


Brides have been begging for bling for years, so this might not seem like a trend, but the way it's being used in today's wedding dresses is what makes it all new again! Some brides may opt for just a bit of bling to accent the lace flowers cascading down their dress. Others may want to up the ante by having small beads dotted all over the dress. Whatever your preferred level of sparkle is, we've got a dress to suit you.

All-Over Lace

Another wedding dress trend that may seem old-fashioned is all-over lace. This is huge right now and brides love it for its romantic charm. Just a few years ago it was a common request to have "not too much lace" but we've been hearing brides asking for this more and more. We personally love the look of lace as it extends past the satin of your train. This gives your dress a more dramatic look, but doesn't add a lot of weight that you have to carry around all day.

Long Sleeves

There are many reasons to choose sleeves for your wedding dress, whether that's for religious reasons or because you're getting married in the winter. We think a lot of brides like the look of sleeves thanks to Kate Middleton's stunning dress. Regardless of why you've chosen to opt for sleeves, our wedding dress boutique is stocked with options in a variety of lengths.

Best Wedding Dress Stores Near Me

We are proud to be one of the best wedding dress stores in Richland Hills, Texas. The area is a beautiful place to get married and we love to see brides' dreams come true when they find "the one" here! If you'd like to make an appointment to come see us, please give us a call at 214-881-1242 or schedule it online. We look forward to seeing you in our store and helping you find the perfect dress for your big day!

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