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Bridal Dresses

The Best Bridal Dresses for Every Season

Planning a wedding is a ton of fun, but it's also very stressful. One of the first decisions you'll have to make is when the big day will be. Of course, this might be partially decided by the wedding venue's availability and your own schedules. No matter what day you choose, you're bound to have a beautiful wedding that's just for you. Once the date is set, it's time to start shopping for bridal dresses! Depending on what time of year you'll be getting married, you may be interested in different styles of dresses. Here are our recommendations for any bride getting married in each of the four seasons.


When the weather starts to warm back up, the birds come back out, and the flowers start to bloom again, many people start to feel excited for the future. We clean our houses, start planning summer vacations, and some of us enter into a new season of life called marriage! For a bride getting married in the spring, we see a lot of boho style bridal dresses fly off our racks. They are very airy and romantic which lend themselves perfectly to the vibe of the season.

Top Accessory: Flower crowns are a popular choice for spring weddings, as well as green bouquets and simple, understated jewelry.


During the warmest months of the year, any bride will want to make sure she can keep her cool so her makeup doesn't run and her hair doesn't fall flat. Sleeveless options are a big hit for summer weddings because there's less material on your upper body where you tend to get the warmest. We also see brides opting for halter style dresses if they want to stay cool but still be covered up for the big family event. Another option is tea-length bridal dresses, which are also great at showing off unique footwear!

Top Accessory: A fan to keep you cool is always nice to have on hand. We also find that summer brides opt for sparkling jewelry and tiaras.


We've noticed that bridal shops in Dallas and Fort Worth area tend to sell a lot of ball gown style dresses for fall weddings. As the weather cools off, more brides will have indoor weddings. Although you aren't required to have your reception in a ball room in order to wear a ball gown dress, it sure does make for a dramatic and beautiful wedding! Another gorgeous option for fall weddings is mermaid or trumpet style dresses. Since the weather isn't as hot as the summer months, it's no bother to have a bit of extra fabric on your dress.

Top Accessory: Fall brides tend to go for richer hues such as burnt orange, maroon, and navy. They are also more likely to choose off-white or even blush pink gowns.


A big trend for winter weddings is sleeves. Even here in Texas where it doesn't get extremely cold, we sell quite a few long-sleeved dresses for a winter bride. We also see a lot of brides opting for boleros or toppers to accompany their dresses. For example, you might choose a sleeveless dress then have a lace topper to cover yourself up for when you're outside. When you are inside and getting warm from dancing the night away, you can take it off to cool down while still looking chic.

Top Accessory: A fur bolero is a common choice to stay warm, but we've also seen brides cover up with flannel-patterned blankets they can wrap around their new husband during photos.

Bridal Stores Near Me

If you're looking for one of the best bridal shops in Fort Worth, Dallas, or the surrounding metro area, look no further than Sundays Bridal. We offer a huge selection of off-the-rack dresses. This means that we don't custom order any gowns, but you can come in and see what we have available. Then, when you find the perfect dress, try it on and take it home to prepare for your big day! Because of this, we are able to offer high-quality, luxury dresses at a fraction of the cost of other bridal retail stores.

To learn more about us please call 214-881-1242. If you're ready to book an appointment to try on some dresses, you can do so online! We look forward to having you in our store and helping you find just the right dress for your wedding day, no matter what time of year it is!

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