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How to Style 3 Different Shapes of Wedding Dresses

Visiting a bridal store to choose your wedding dress is something almost every young girl dreams of doing someday. But when it's finally your turn, you may have mixed feelings! Rest assured this is completely normal! On the one hand, you're so excited to be getting married! On the other hand, you're worried about finding the right dress. We often see brides try on a dress and it looks lovely, but they're not quite sold on it. That's when we come in with some accessories to help you get an idea of how it will look on your big day. Here are some of the frequent choices for a few different dress styles.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Long sleeve dresses are the perfect choice for winter weddings or if you prefer to be more covered up on your big day. Although you may think that the sleeves are enough of an accessory, you can still do more, if you wish. Brides who choose long sleeves also tend to choose lace. Whether that's a lace topper to spice up more simple, affordable wedding dresses, a lace bodice, or all-over lace from the top to the train, there are many ways to incorporate this beautiful detail. Some brides want to glitter on their big day and we see them requesting sparkles in their dress, their jewelry, their hair, and their veil. Some brides go all out and even wear a small tiara! It definitely gives the bride a fairy-tale or royal vibe.

Boho Wedding Dresses

Women who choose boho dresses tend to be more simple and understated. They may like lace, but it's often different than the traditional lace dresses. They also choose sparkles and glitter less frequently. These brides are in love with a flower crown and may have more greenery than blooms in their bouquet. When it comes to footwear, a boho dress is often best suited for sandals, and some brides even like to go barefoot! But this doesn't mean they don't want to accessorize! For those brides who do like a bit of glitter, a sparkly waist ribbon is a great choice because it gives a hint of bling without being overdone or taking away from the simplicity of the dress.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

A big ball gown wedding dress is a statement-maker, that's for sure! Women who opt for a dress like this often don't have a problem with being noticed in a crowd. After all, it's your big day so why not go all out! Because of this, they are also more likely to choose large accessories like long, dangling earrings and a stack of bracelets. You'll often see them sporting sky high heels, at least until the dancing begins! And of course, these brides love to show off with tons and tons of sparkles! From your hair, to your dress, to your shoes, it's the perfect day to show the world how you shine!

Affordable Wedding Dresses at Sundays Bridal Store in Richland Hills

If you're looking to keep costs down for your big day, don't think this means you need to settle on your dress! Come visit us at Sunday's Bridal in Richland Hills! We have a huge selection of off-the-rack dresses which means you get to choose from hundreds of luxury dresses that won't break your wedding day budget. Give us a call at 214-881-1242 or book your appointment online.

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